Mammut Women Shoes Falera High |3030-03950-0486| Black Titanium

Mammut Women Shoes Falera High |3030-03950-0486| Black Titanium

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A shoe with heat technology that is ready to combat those cold winter days: Cold feet don^t stand a chance against the Falera High WP Women.
Absolute Aluminia technology keeps the cold out and ensures that feet remain dry and warm.
The knitted construction of the shoe allows you to benefit from its features: The absence of seams not only reduces the weight, it also has an extremely positive effect on the level of comfort, which is especially high thanks to the material^s elasticity.
Its boot characteristics make the Falera High WP Women impressive across the board.
Without annoying lacing, the boot offers super easy entry and is quick to put on and take off.
A winter shoe that will inspire any woman with its fashionable outer and thermal inner properties.

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