Mammut Women Shoes Falera Pro High |3030-03970-0486| Black Titanium

Mammut Women Shoes Falera Pro High |3030-03970-0486| Black Titanium

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The Falera Pro High WP Women successfully counteracts frosty feet.
The shoe uses winter specific technologies to defy the cold.
While a clean and fashionable design characterizes the outside, the inside impresses with a pleasant warmth: The Absolute Alumina insulation keeps your feet warm and dry.
Thanks to its knitted construction, the absence of seams reduces the shoe"s weight and increases its level of comfort.
The elasticated material also has a comfortable feel.
The sock design enables an easier entry into the shoe.
The high shaft completes perfectly while the integrated neoprene combined with the lacing ensures a secure hold without any compromise on comfort.
A winter shoe that is second to none: perfect for cold days!

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