Mandarina Duck Popsicle Trolley 21 Inch |PTV0121E| Popsicle 21E
Mandarina Duck

Mandarina Duck Popsicle Trolley 21 Inch |PTV0121E| Popsicle 21E

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? Hard Shell.
? Completely Transparent.
? Modular Internal Organisation.
? The Organizers Can Be Purchased Separately From The Shell.
? Poly-Carbonate.
An absolutely revolutionary cabin trolley proposal.
The rigid polycarbonate shell is completely transparent, clearly showing the color of the internal modules.
All the modules can be easily extracted from the suitcase and stored in a closet once they arrive at their destination, be used as a beauty case or as a container to carry accessories that you do not want to embark on the plane.
The internal modules can be purchased separately. Measurements, including wheels (cm): 56.5x38x22
Measures (cm) : 55x40x20
Internal composition :
External composition : 100% Polycarbonate

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