Qalo Women Eternity |QS9-SIP| Pastel Pink

Qalo Women Eternity |QS9-SIP| Pastel Pink

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The QALO Natural Stone Collection is inspired by Earth's unique composition and mineral creation.
For centuries, natural stone has been used for different purposes due to its versatility.
From early, ancient architecture to modern installations, its strength, beauty, and durability can stand the test of time.
An array of colors and patterns are woven together over millions of years of formation, giving each stone its own personality.
Inspired by this natural wonder, our collection encompasses stones like tangerine quartz, which gets its orange hue from clear quartz mixing with the rusted mineral hematite.
Along with the stone agate, that is mostly discovered in old, organic lava and can be seen in a variety of colors.
While some find these stones perfect for home decor, others trust in their history of natural healing powers that can bring joy, energy, and balance.

Featuring the endless beauty of precious stones, the collection takes shape in a variety of styles unlike any other.
Half-moon framed teething necklaces, in agate or tangerine quartz, may sooth little ones, while the soft colors of the Eternity ring or marbled, Modern classic are crafted to be one-of-a-kind.
We believe in a strong foundation, not only established in nature but at home as well.
Unite your love for family and the outdoors with a collection that will encourage you to see the world together.

The QALO Eternity Silicone Ring represents the eternal commitment of love.
Designed with infinite, intertwined detail and raised edges, it symbolizes a never-ending connection to family.
The ring features a flat silhouette for added comfort and functionality, wherever life takes you.

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