Qalo Men Switch |QS9-USB| Black Marble Black

Qalo Men Switch |QS9-USB| Black Marble Black

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Featuring contrasting layers of color, the Switch ring takes shape in a multifaceted, quick-flip design.
The Switch silicone ring features two different colors of Comfort Fit silicone layered atop one another, which is designed to slide on and off easier all while maintaining a breathable fit.

Inspired by the duality of every day life, the world¡¯s first reversible ring opens to door to possibility, offering colors that morph as quick your day does.
Bombarded with so many options in life, we¡¯re constantly defined by our choices.
The Switch Ring gives you the freedom to turn on a dime and enhance your style no matter what the day brings.
Comfort, Color, Choices, we¡¯ve got you covered.

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