Geox Men Sneakers Nexside |U927GA00085| Nappa Black C9999

Geox Men Sneakers Nexside |U927GA00085| Nappa Black C9999

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Men's innovative breathable sneaker with a featherlight ultra-cushioned design and an excellent grip.
Technologically ground-breaking and extremely comfortable, our Geox men's Nexside sneaker has been crafted from grey suede with a translucent white tread and features a youthful vibe brought to the fore by its pared-back contemporary aesthetic.
Pair it with your casual looks, or stand out from the crowd and use it to tone down a more formal outfit.
The sole lies at the heart of Nexside which features our Side Transpiration System.
This piece of technology, which provides outstanding levels of breathability and well-being thanks to the holes on the side, works in harmony with our Full-Breathable Surface membrane for extraordinary results.
The breathability levels of this innovative sneaker have been enhanced by the Inner Breathing System, a special interior lining that allows the air to circulate around the foot, and by the upper fitted with a special mesh insert positioned around the plantar arch to enhance ventilation.
Flexible and light, Nexside is trailblazing in terms of cushioning too.
A featherlight midsole works with an undulated tread to create an internal air chamber cushioning every single step.
The absorption mechanism for soaking up knocks and bumps coming from the ground is optimized by a footbed with differentiated cushioning providing unmatched comfort.

Extra Breathable & Lightweight
Soft Suede Leather Upper
Breathing Lining (Cardo)
Wide Fit
Removable Sole

Upper: 73% Leather-14% Textile-13% Synthetic, Lining: 60% Textile-40% Synthetic

Outsole: 100% Synthetic Material, Insole: 100% Leather

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